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Keynes Fund




Dr. Sriya Iyer

Dr Sriya Iyer discusses religion, mental health and the spread of Covid-19 in her research project, Religion and Covid-19.



Dr. Noriko Amano-Patiño

Dr Noriko Amano-Patiño examines US affirmative action in employment which aims to equalize labour market outcomes across racial groups in her research project entitled The Effect of Affirmative Action on Workers’ Outcomes.



Dr. Matt Elliott

Dr Matt Elliott and co-authors propose an online experiment to study how a representative sample of US citizens reacts to experts’ in their research project, Experts’ Opinions and Persuasion in Times of Uncertainty.



Dr. Eduardo Gallo

Dr. Eduardo Gallo discusses how money and social networks sustain cooperation in his research project, Monetary Networks.



Salvatore Lattanzio

Salvatore Lattanzio discusses the impact of automation on labour market sorting in his research project, Sorting Robots: How Automation Shapes the Allocation of Workers Across Firms.



Prof. Andrew Harvey

Prof. Andrew Harvey asks what econometric tools are suited to studying climate change and its adverse consequences in his Persistence and Forecasting in Climate and Environmental Econometrics project.



Dr. Christopher Rauh

Dr. Chris Rauh asks how automation is affecting political preferences and the fear of robots has caused a rise of fringe parties and populism in his research project, The Impact of Automation and Fears of Job Displacement on Political Preferences.



Dr. Leigh Shaw-Taylor

Dr. Oliver Buxton Dunn narrates a short summary of this research project, Lighthouses in Economics Redivivus, joint with Dr. Alexis Litvine, Dr. Leigh Shaw-Taylor, and partners Prof. Dan Bogart and Dr Eduard Alvarez-Palau.