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Keynes Fund


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Twenty-third Round - September 2023

Prof. Meredith Crowley and Dr. Joris Hoste - Understanding Brexit: Trade Costs and Multinational Adaptation (JHWI)
Dr. Simon Deakin and Dr. Linda Shuku - Legal Evolution and Industrialisation: A Computational Analysis of Historical Poor Law and Workmen’s Compensation Cases (JHWK)
Ana Lleo-Bono - Incentives and Productivity: A Field RCT with an Agricultural Firm (JHWL)
Fred Maeng - Monetary Policy and Original Sin (JHWM)
Prof. Chryssi Giannitsarou and Prof. Elisa Faraglia - Trade and Financial Reallocation: Evidence from Brexit (JHWN)

Twenty-second Round - March 2023

Prof. Sanjeev Goyal - Economics of Networks (JHVZ)
Dr. Noriko Amano-Patiño and James Morris - The Impact of Qualitative Reviews in Online Markets: An Experiment on Racial Statistical Discrimination (JHWA)
Dr. Paul Bouscasse - Fall of the Hegemon: Britain and the International Monetary System (JHWB)
Dr. Toke Aidt, Prof. Tiago Cavalcanti, Prof. Christopher Rauh and Sérgio Naruhiko Sakurai - The Political Economy of Forest Loss (JHWC)
Prof. Matthew Elliott - The Economic Implications of the Structure of Trade and Production Networks (JHWD)
Christian Hoehne - Effects of Informational Verifiability and Manipulation: An Experimental Investigation of Informational Autocracies (JHWE)
Prof. Christopher Rauh - Confidence vs Competence: Understanding the Gender Gap in Financial Literacy (JHWF)
Dr. Charles Read - Economic Decline and the Changing Composition of Britain’s Trade, 1958-72 (JHWG)
Dr. Leigh Shaw-Taylor and Dan Bogart - Overcoming Market Failure in River Navigation in England and Wales 1600-1830. Towpaths, Pound Locks, Weirs, Flash-Locks, and Mills (JHWH)
Rebecca Heath and Vivek Roy-Chowdhury - Recall Distortion and Choice Behaviour (JHWJ)

Twenty-first Round - September 2022

Prof. Catherine Barnard - Economic and Social Impacts of Low Skilled Labour Migration to the UK (both pre and post Brexit) (JHVW)
Prof. Meredith Crowley, Dr. Elisa Faraglia and Prof. Chryssi Giannitsarou - Adapting to Brexit: Foreign Subsidiaries and UK-EU Trade (JHVX)
Prof. Ahmed Khwaja and Sonal Srivastava - Inefficiencies in Online Food Markets (JHVY)

Twentieth Round - March 2022

Prof. Florin Bilbiie - Inequality and Business Cycles (JHVP)
Dr. Charles Brendon - Optimal Nonlinear Savings Taxation (JHVQ)
Prof. Tiago Cavalcanti - Loan Interest Rate Dispersion and Consumption Smoothing (JHVR)
Dr. Noriko Amano-Patiño, Dr. Elisa Faraglia, Prof. Chryssi Giannitsarou and Zeina Hasna - Covid-19 and Academic Productivity in Economic Research (JHVS)
Prof. Paul Warde - Land, Incomes and Vulnerability in the Economy of Ulster, c.1815-1865 (LIVE) (JHVT)
Prof. Tiago Cavalcanti and Dr. Kamiar Mohaddes - The Investment Channel of Monetary Policy during the Net-Zero Transition (JHVU)
Ana Lleo-Bono - Collaborative Behaviour to Reduce Inequalities: An Experimental Study (JHVV)

Nineteenth Round - September 2021

Prof. Wei Xiong - Data Privacy and the Digital Economy (JHVI)
Prof. Lin Peng - Social Networks in Economics and Finance (JHVJ)
Prof. Sanjeev Goyal, Prof. Syngjoo Choi and Dr. Frederic Moisan - Games on Networks: An Experimental Study (JHVK)
Prof. Andrew Harvey and Dr. Jerome Simons - Forecasting and Policy in Environmental Econometrics (JHVL)
Dr. Ines Lee and Dr. Eileen Tipoe - Educational Meritocracy and Tolerance of Inequality (JHVM)
Dr. Johannes Lenhard and Alexander Shadbolt - ESG de-bubbling? How moving towards ESG for venture capital investors impacts skyrocketing valuations (JHVN)
Prof. Christopher Rauh and Dr. Hannes Mueller - The Economic Consequences of Conflict Risk (JHVO)

Eighteenth Round - March 2021

Prof. Eric French - What are the Drivers of the Intergenerational Transmission of Inequality? (JHVA)
Lukas B. Freund - Inequality and the Organisation of Work in a Knowledge Economy (JHVB)
Dr. Isabelle Roland - Forbearance Lending as a Crisis Management Tool: Evidence from Japan (JHVC)
Dr. Leigh Shaw-Taylor - Lighthouses in Economics Redivivus - analysis (JHVD)
Dr. Julia Shvets and Dr. Toke Aidt - Private Provision of Public Goods and Group Dynamics: The Case of COVID-19 Asymptomatic Testing (JHVE)
Prof. Peter Sloman - Where’s the Money Coming From? Manifestos, Policy Costings, and Electoral Choices in Western Democracies (JHVF)
Dr. Tommy Krieger and Dr. Toke Aidt - Social Identity and Public Policy (JHVG)
Dr. Kamiar Mohaddes, Prof. Diane Coyle, Dr. Ronita Bardhan and Dr Ramit Debnath - Energy Incentives and Market Mechanism in Slum Rehabilitation Housing for Distributive Justice (JHVH)

Seventeenth Round - September 2020

Prof. Sriya Iyer, Dr. Girish Bahal and Dr. Anand Shrivastava - Religion and Covid-19 (JHUW)
Prof. Giancarlo Corsetti, Dr. Simon Lloyd, Emile Marin and Daniel Ostry - Disaster Risk, Asset Prices and the Macroeconomy (JHUX)
Dr. Noriko Amano-Patiño, Julian Aramburu and Zara Contractor - The Effect of Affirmative Action on Workers’ Outcomes (JHUY)

Sixteenth Round - March 2020

Prof. Matthew Elliott, Prof. Pietro Ortoleva and Prof. Marina Agranov - Experts Opinions and Persuasion in Times of Uncertainty (JHUP)
Prof. Christopher Rauh - The Impact of Automation and Fears of Job Displacement on Political Preferences (JHUQ)
Dr. Edoardo Gallo - Monetary Networks (JHUR)
Prof. Andrew Harvey - Persistence and Forecasting in Climate and Environmental Econometrics (JHUS)
Dr. Leigh Shaw-Taylor, Eduard Josep Alvarez Palau and Eduard Josep Alvarez Palau - Lighthouses in Economics Redivivus (JHUT)
Dr. Salvatore Lattanzio - Sorting Robots: How Automation Shapes the Allocation of Workers Across Firms (JHUU)
Dr. Juan Block and Dr. Frédéric-Guillaume Schneider - Named Strategic Choice in Repeated Games (JHUV)

Fifteenth Round - September 2019

Emile Marin - Inefficient Capital Flows and the Hegemon’s Dilemma (JHUK)
Dr. Merrick Li and Prof. Oliver Linton - New Statistical Inference Methods of High-frequency Liquidity and Volatility (JHUL)
Prof. Sanjeev Goyal - Social Learning and Fake News (JHUM)
Dr. Weilong Zhang - Who Wears the Pants? Household Risk Attitudes and Intra-Household Financial Decision-Making (JHUN)
Prof. Pedro Saffi - The Individual Behavior of Investors and their Effects on Aggregate Returns and Risk (JHUO)

Fourteenth Round - June 2019

Dr. Kamiar Mohaddes, Prof. Tiago Cavalcanti and Dr. Daniel Da Mata - Climate Volatility, Weather Shocks and Economic Growth: Within-Country Evidence from Brazil (JHUD)
Dr. Kai Liu - Wage Dynamics and Post-Schooling Human Capital Accumulation (JHUE)
Prof. Tiago Cavalcanti and Prof. Dilip Mookherjee - Endogenous Segregation (JHUF)

Thirteenth Round - March 2019

Dr. Maarten de Ridder - Market Power and Innovation in the Intangible Economy (JHOX)
Prof. Alexey Onatskiy and Dr. Chen Wang - High-dimensional Cointegration Analysis (JHOY)
Prof. Anna Vignoles - The Allocation of Scarce Resources in a Quasi-market with free-to-use Public Services – Access to Highly Effective Schools (JHUA)
Prof. Robert Bennett - SME Profitability in the Nineteenth Century (JHUG)

Twelfth Round - March 2018

Prof. Tiago Cavalcanti and Dr. Cezar Santos - Climate Change Mitigation Policies: Distributional and Allocative Effects (JHOV)
Prof. Kaivan Munshi, Stephanie de Mel, Dr. Sönje Reiche, Prof. Hamid Sabourian and Dr. Kourosh Saeb-Parsy - Herding in Organ Transplant Decisions (JHOW)
Alain Naef and Walter Jansson - Economic Uncertainty Over the Long Run: A Natural Language Processing Approach (JHUB)
Dr Leigh Shaw-Taylor - Transport, Policy, and the British Industrial Revolution, 1680-1911 (JHUC)

Eleventh Round - September 2017

Prof. Matthew Elliott - Free-Riding and Group Cooperation (JHOP)
Prof. Chryssi Giannitsarou, Dr. Flavio Toxvaerd and Dr. Nigel Collier - Mapping of Rumours and Information Diffusion (JHOQ)
Prof. Giancarlo Corsetti and Prof. Meredith Crowley - Credit Constraints and Optimal Price Setting in International Markets (JHOR)
Prof. Sanjeev Goyal - Efficiency and Inequality in a Network Economy (JHOS)
Prof. Sriya Iyer, Prof. Tiago Cavalcanti and Prof. Christopher Rauh - How Important are Religious Organisations as Insurance? (JHOT)
Dr. Kamiar Mohaddes, Prof. M. Hashem Pesaran and Dr. Mehdi Raissi - Climate Change, Volatility, and Economic Growth: Evidence from U.S. States (JHOU)

Tenth Round - March 2017

Dr. Jake Bradley and Axel Gottfries - Theoretical and Empirical Assessments of Worker's Employment Opportunities (JHON)

Ninth Round - September 2016

Dr. Joao Duarte - Monetary Policy, Housing and Consumption in the Euro Area (JHOH)
Prof. Sean Holly - Aggregate and Firm Level Volatility (JHOI)
Dr. Kai Liu - Risk and Return in Human Capital Investments (JHOJ)
Prof. Richard J Smith and Mr. Ashish Patel - Robust Estimation and Inference (JHOK)
Dr. Toke Aidt, Dr. Leigh Shaw-Taylor and Dr. Romola Davenport - Market Failures and State Successes in Public Health and Highways 1830-1912 (JHOM)

Eighth Round - March 2016

Dr. Anil Ari - Sovereign Risk & Bank Risk-Taking (JHOE)
Prof. Oliver Linton and Dr. Jeroen Dalderop - Central Clearing and the Demand for Risk Sharing in OTC Derivative Markets (JHOF)
Prof. Solomos Solomou - Credit Cycles Since 1870 (JHOG)

Seventh Round - September 2015

Dr. Toke Aidt, Prof. Stanley L Winer and Dr. Peng Zhang - Political Representation, Market Failure and Public Policy: A Long-run Study of the United Kingdom (JHOA)
Prof. Tiago Cavalcanti - Gray Zones: On the Causes and Consequences of Slums (JHOB)
Dr. Sanjay Jain - Informational Constraints and Market Failure in Credit Markets: Theory and Evidence from Developing Countries (JHOC)
Prof. Coen Teulings - Residential Land Prices and the Growth of Cities (JHOD)

Sixth Round - March 2015

Dr. Jake Bradley - Search, Sorting and Heterogeneity: A Structural Decomposition of Wage Inequality in Germany (JHLV)
Dr. Julia Shvets, Dr. David Huffman and Dr. Collin B Raymond - Understanding Differences in Performance of Managers (JHLX)
Frederico Lima - Collect Voting Share Data for Local Bond Referenda (JHLY)

Fifth Round - September 2014

Dr. Maren Froemel and Dr. Charles Gottlieb - Targeted Transfers (JHLS)
Dr. Alice Kuegler - Do Inventions Respond to Changes in Economic Incentives? (JHLT)
Dr. Miguel Morin - A Geographical and Sectoral View of the Great Depression (JHLU)

Fourth Round - April 2014

Prof. Giancarlo Corsetti and Prof. Barry Eichengreen - The Making of the Euro-area Crisis: Lessons from Theory and History (JHLP)
Prof. Chryssi Giannitsarou - Financial Decisions: The Role of Information Through Social Networks ** (JHLQ)
Prof. Sanjeev Goyal - Experiments on 'Networked Markets' (JHLR)
Prof. Hamish Low - Micro to Macro: "Understanding the aggregate implications of individual behaviour under uncertainty" (JHOL)

Third Round - October 2013

Dr. Edoardo Gallo - UbiquityLab: A Platform for Large-Scale Online Experiments with Real-Time Interactions Among Participants * (JHLK)
Prof. Kaivan Munshi - The Economic Consequences of Marriage-Market Inefficiency: Gender Inequality and Human Capital Accumulation in a Transition Economy (JHLL)
Prof. Raghavendra Rau - Local Bias in the Issue of Self-Issued Bonds ** (JHLM)
Dr. Farzad Saidi - Real Effects of Financial Deregulation ** (JHLN)
Prof. Tiago Cavalcanti - Oil, Growth and Misallocation: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment and Establishments Level Data (JHLO)

Second Round - March 2013

Dr. Edoardo Gallo - Social Networks Structure and Economic Outcomes (JHLF)
Prof. Solomos Solomou - Real Financial Linkages and Start-Stop Phases of Economic Growth (JHLG)
Prof. Andrew Harvey - Dynamic Models for Volatility and Heavy Tails (JHLH)
Dr. Sanjay Jain - The Politics of Economic Reform: Redistributive Promises, Transfers to Special Interests, and the Dynamics of Public Support for Economic Policy Reform (JHLI)

First Round - November 2012

Prof. Tiago Cavalcanti - Credit Policies, Entrepreneurship and Development: Theory and Empirical Evidence on Brazil (JHLA)
Prof. Sanjeev Goyal - Experiments on Financial Networks (JHLB)
Prof. Andrew Harvey - Dynamic Models for Volatility and Heavy Tails (JHLC)
Prof. Oliver Linton - The Effectiveness of Circuit Breakers on the LSE (JHLD)
Prof. Hamish Low - Individual Response to Risk Over the Business Cycle (JHLE)

*co-finance with Newton Trust (Gallo - UbiquityLab) and **co-finance with CERF (Rau, Saidi and Giannitsarou)