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Keynes Fund


Keynes Fund Administrator:

Marion Reusch
Tel: 01223 3(35218)

Anna Hitchin
Tel: 01223 3(35325)


Postal Address:

Faculty of Economics,
University of Cambridge,
Austin Robinson Building,
Sidgwick Avenue,
Cambridge CB3 9DD


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Faculty of Economics


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Keynes Fund Director

Dr. Toke Aidt

Toke Aidt is a Reader in Economics in the Faculty of Economics and a fellow of Jesus College. He is the editor of the European Journal of Political Economy and Past-president of the European Public Choice Society (2013-15). He was awarded the Wicksell Prize (1999) by the European Public Choice Society and the Pilkington Prize (2007) for excellence in teaching by the University of Cambridge. Toke holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Aarhus in Denmark.

Toke’s research agenda is focused on the interaction between political decision-making processes and public policy. The emphasis is on gaining understanding of what governments operating under particular institutional structures actually do rather than on understanding what governments should be doing to maximize some fictional social welfare function. The agenda engages with three broad themes: 1) the causes and consequences of democratization; 2) development and corruption; and 3) environmental policy. These issues are addressed theoretically and empirically and often in fruitful cooperation with economic and social historians. The research has been supported by external grants from the Economic and Social Research Council and the British Academy and has appeared in leading economics and political science journals, including Econometrica, Economic Journal, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Conflict Resolution and Comparative Political Studies.