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Keynes Fund


Keynes Fund Administrator:

Marion Reusch
Tel: 01223 3(35218)

Anna Hitchin
Tel: 01223 3(35325)


Postal Address:

Faculty of Economics,
University of Cambridge,
Austin Robinson Building,
Sidgwick Avenue,
Cambridge CB3 9DD

Fund Director Profile

Prof. Hamid Sabourian

Hamid Sabourian is Professor of Economics and Game Theory and Keynes Fellow at the University of Cambridge. He is a Fellow of King's College Cambridge. He has also been the Chairman of the Faculty of Economics University of Cambridge from 2007 to 2011 and a visiting Professor at Birkbeck University of London, European University Institute, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, London School of Economics, New York University, University of California Los Angeles and Yale University. Professor Sabourian is a Fellow of British Academy and a Fellow of the Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory. He has been an Associate Editor Economic Theory since 2010 and was an Associate Editor of Journal of Economic Theory for the period 2004-2013.

Professor Sabourian's diverse research interests in Economic Theory and Game Theory include Asset Prices with Asymmetric Information, Bargaining, Bounded Rationality and Complexity; Evolutionary Game Theory, Implementation and Mechanism Design, Market Games, Financial Market Structure, Repeated Games, Social Learning and Herd Behaviour, and Voting.